Dreams of Size 8 Jeans

Monday, October 31, 2005

Thoughts From a Wayward Blogger

As you can see, I haven't blogged in a very long time. Due to VSU homecoming preparations, then going to Vegas for a week and trying to recoup from it all, I haven't been eating right nor working out. I will starting tomorrow.

Did you know that Vegas has a damn buffet in EVERY damn hotel?!


Though my host walked me to damn death, any weight I could have lost in the process was put back on thanks to those buffets! And my-oh-my were they heavenly. I'm talking about the World's Largest Buffet at The Rio, a buffet at the Bellagio, and one at MGM Grand. I immersed myself in a warm, tasty culinary bath every time...and don't feel bad about it either.

I did measure & weigh myself, and I managed to loose a whole pound and maybe an inch or so total....wow. Better than gaining, I suppose.

I found a free trial membership to the Y for my friend Fanecha, and I'm going to drag her to the gym everytime I go. Mind you, this is the chick that can run for miles at a time....I'm too jealous.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Days 18 & 19- Sidetracked Like a Mutha!

Wednesday Entry:

I'm not scheduled to workout on Wednesdays, but I at least should eat sensibly...right?


I skipped breakfast (again). Lunch was a crabcake dinner from Captain D's- t'was 2 crabcakes, wild rice, a small salad, baked potato & breadstick. Dinner was 5 tacos with shredded cheese.

I come home from work, and the dog (her name is Sweetpea) tried to get out of the house by escaping through a window. AND she took a crap in the house. Now, she's 4 years old and is immaculately housetrained, so I know that she was stressed or bothered to the point of having an accident- nonetheless, I couldn't help but imagine how long it would take me to make a Rottweiler fur jacket out of her....black & brown would look stunning on me.

Thursday Entry:
Yesterday was supposed to be a workout day, but what did I do instead? Did some fake hobnobbin'....

...breakfast was 2 boiled eggs & 4 strips of bacon (I was feeling cocky). Lunch was KFC snackers & mean greens, tiramisu and a lemon tart (don't ask). Dinner was....dinner was....

...I went to three socials & happy hours in Richmond and ate a couple of slivers of grilled chicken, skewered london broil, a tiny country ham roll & a couple of brownie squares.

I come home from work pissed at my son because I had to drive all over creation looking for him. He was supposed to stay after school for Spanish club. He wasn't at the school. He wasn't at his friend's house. He didn't answer his cell phone. He was home on the couch and delirious from fatigue & some bogus illness he told me about. I was so mad at him that I wanted to River Dance on his back. Instead, I went to the socials.

I'm also gonna be a snitch today....Tonya cheated on her Master Cleanse.

How in hell's name do you give up after a day???? She was supposed to be on this liquid diet that Karma did...except for Karma did hers for 14 days or so. Tonya, you did so well hon! What happened? I know I had my hand in it by way of exposing you to skewered london broil...but that's when you JUST SAY NO! If it's any consolation to you, when I get back from vacation, I'll try doing a 7 day cleanse, 'cause my digestion & belly are off the chain.

I'm going to play catch up with my workout Saturday & Sunday....tonight is the Art Walk.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Day 17- Still Haven't Gotten It Together

Okay, okay.

This is the last time that I slack off! Yesterday, I didn't go to the gym. I was too tired and my knee was bothering me.

We had a team building function at work, and this is how it went:

Skipped breakfast (it is a no-no), lunch was a hot dog, a hamburger, 3 chicken wings, baked beans, a small BBQ sandwich, a piece of brownie and a couple of strawberries; dinner was a large bowl of leftover gumbo. I eat like a marijuana junkie this time of month, and yesterday was no exception. I felt soooo guilty.

THEN, I participated in 2 relay races and a game of volleyball. That crap wore me out, hence why I was too tired to go to the gym...hmmm, that does count as exercise, doesn't it??? Good!

Did I mention that I made this heavenly peanut butter/chocolate cake for my homecoming gathering? It's a Pampered Chef recipe, and that thing is LETHAL. It's a fudge bundt cake with Reese's cups (nod to you, ksavage) baked inside. Then you melt chocolate chips & peanut butter (separately) and drizzle them over it. WHOOO!!! That thing was so friggin' good that my dog snuck into the kitchen and ate the remainder of it. Let's see what her cheerleader Tonya has to say about that one!

I want to make a strawberry torte this weekend. I must. I shall. And I'll work it off, too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Days 10-16: Off Track Again

Due to the Virginia State University Homecoming gathering that I planned, I didn't stick to my workout or eating regimen. The only day that I went to the gym was Tuesday, and it was a Funk Aerobics class. I ate like a crazy person, and believe it or not, I don't feel entirely guilty. I now understand that there will be times like this, and the changes that I'm making are for life.

I did lots of cleaning and yard work throughout the week in preparation of, though. And Saturday, I got really toasted at my gathering....cursed 99 banana & Creme de Cacao shots! Sunday was a day of cleaning and recuperating, and yesterday was pretty much the same.

Back on track from here on out! (or at least try)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Days 6-9: I Blew It & Then Some

I haven't posted since Thursday, and I'll try to catch up with logging meals & exercise:

Friday: Skipped breakfast (I think); lunch was tilapia, crabcake, rice pilaf & broccoli with a WONDERFUL cookie; I think I skipped dinner.
Saturday: Frosted mini wheats for breakfast; chicken kabob & a nasty ass chicken sub from Nostalgiafest and an apple struesel; dinner was REAL late, and had the nerve to be wing dings at a fight party (they were rather good).
Sunday: Skipped breakfast; fried chicken sandwich & fries from Wendy's; chicken pot pie for dinner
Yesterday: Skipped breakfast; chicken chinese food for lunch; chicken, rice over cream of chicken soup for dinner.

How did I blow it? I had waaay too much fried foods over the weekend (wasn't supposed to resume frieds until Monday), AND the only day I worked out was Sunday!

I weighed in & measured myself.......



...........I haven't lost not ONE solitary pound, and only lost about a full inch over my total body!!!!!!!!! I'm not gonna fret too much, as this happened when I started working out this past spring- first 2 weeks was only a pound, second 2 weeks was nothing. I just thought that being I'm doing more cardio it would go faster.


Me & my fucked up physiology.