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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Did it, Un-Did it....Doing it Again!

So my last check in from 2 years ago reported that I was doing WW. It worked!

I lost about 30 pounds, could get into a size 6 and all was right with the world. Then I gained it all back.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Once Again, Once More

Guess who's back? The Queen Slacker, Latryce!

I'm trying it again, but this time, I'm doing Weight Watchers. I've noticed my triggers, my weaknesses, my motivations...and I found that the team environment, coaching and accountability REALLY does work for me.

Plus, I needed a plan that I know I can stick to for the rest of my life. Portion control, eat what you want within reason...yeah, that's for me.

I'm approaching the end of week 2 (I've already lost 2.6 pounds). Onward & Upward!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Inspired by a Blouse!!!

Okay, okay, okay!!!

I'm really hyped up about getting back in the saddle! I saw a divine sign the other day at....Express.

They have these cute little button up tops with metal hardware on the sleeves that I'm in LOVE with...the largest size that they carry is large, and I can't button the shirt over "Helga & Olga"...I GOTTA loose this weight so I can fit into this shirt!!! Must wear the shirt!!!

Back to blogging my eating:

Breakfast: Whips yogurt and 100 calorie almonds
Lunch: Chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread
Snacks: 100 calorie almonds (2) & pack of peanut butter crackers
Dinner: Grilled chicken ceasar salad & cookie

Breakfast: Bowl of oatmeal square cereal
Snacks: 100 calorie almonds

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Art of War

Though only vaguely familiar with Sun Tzu's Art of War, I like to compare war strategies with random stuff in life: hitting a discount sale, keeping male friends on their toes, eradicating kudzu in the backyard....LOSING WEIGHT!

This is how I see my workout/weightloss going: I’ll go hard with low weights, high reps/sets for shoulders, back and arms. High reps for abs. For cardio, I REALLY want to do more rope jumping, boxing, dancing and swimming as opposed to walking, jogging and step aerobics.

I’m willing to walk, jog, etc. but I want to do less of that and more of the others.

This is what I have done thus far to get back on track:

Dug out my fitness journal and start planning activities
Planned activities around the types of exercises I want to ramp up (see rope jumping, etc.)
Found a heart healthy cereal that I LOVE- Quaker Oat Squares, brown sugar and maple….yummy
Started window shopping for new workout clothes. I know, I know…but that helps validate the process.
I’m going to map out some home weight lifting routines (I can’t go to the gym just yet)
That said, I know that I don’t want to do any routine that involves me switching from lying on the floor to standing up and repeating that annoying stand/lay position. Why? Because it’s annoying!

In my previous entries, you’ll see that have a bad habit of giving in to cravings and emotional gorging. I still do. I’m working on it…trying to be more conscious about the ramifications of baking that batch of blondies just because I’m bored. But isn’t that the first step to planning war: recognizing/analyzing the enemy?

Monday, February 23, 2009

How Many False Starts???

Okay, I've fallen off the wagon like a hundred times so far, and did it again as recently as two months ago.

I've GOT to lose this weight.
I've GOT to stop eating stuff just 'cause it tastes great.
I've GOT to...well, you get the point. Stay tuned.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Holding My Head Up

Yes, it is with a renewed spirit and tucked tail that I return to this blog to try....try again.

I'm going to measure and weigh myself this evening, and get started. It's been quite sometime, as you can tell, but I have to try this weight loss thing again.

Angie & I are trying the Special K Challenge. You know, you replace two meals with a TINY bowl of cereal, and snack as much as you need on fruits & veggies, then eat a normal dinner. You're supposed to lose 6 pounds in two weeks.

That would be a good thing if I can stick to it, but I'm really attracted to the discipline this challenge will give me if I'm successful.

Wish me luck.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Adjusting to Life's Changes

Over the past month, I’ve started a new job, went to Chicago, came home sick and been busy every since.

Now that I’m re-adjusted, I’ve started back going to the gym. I’ve been doing mostly cardio, and I would love to hit the heavy bags again. Unfortunately, my FAVORITE gym doesn’t have a heavy bag, and I may have to try to talk them into getting a few.

On another note, I missed the gym!

I have to say that because at one point in time, I didn’t. I wasn’t motivated anymore; I no longer liked what I saw in the mirror and the scale would do a comedy skit every time I stepped on it...so as I got busier, I cared less. But now I’m caring again, and I really believe that I can look better by June!