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Monday, January 30, 2006

PMSing is always bad this time of year

I'm going to do a TOTALLY un-p.c. rant!

Since the New Year, the gym has really been packed to the point that all machines are full when I get there. Pre- New Year's, I had no problem be able to get on only 1 of 2 Stairmasters. Post New Year's, everytime I go, they're taken by........MEN!!!!

Why in the hell would a man want a high tight ass?!?!?! And what TV show put this idea in their heads?!?!?!?!?!

Out of sheer anger, I complain to Fanecha that they look gay on the machine. And there are two that I know are gay that have beat me to the machine before- for some reason, I have no problem with them, but the other 2 or 3 straight ones have NO business (sez me) on the Stairmaster when the Stairmaster is MINE!!!!

THEN, when I was forced to get on the elliptical because the Stairmasters were taken up, SOMEBODY in my immediate perimeter was funky as hell! Smelled like canned ass in a hot dumpster! Funky to the point that every few minutes or so I'd frown up my face and sniff in the other people's area. True, when you work out you'll be sweaty and smelly. But there's a difference between workout B.O. and someone not washing their outfits...it was a moldy, funky clothes smell.

No, I'm not smoking on anything, just PMSing.

I've been sticking to the gym like I'm supposed to, with the exception of missing last Thursday. Got my "box on" Saturday, waited for a few minutes yesterday for a Stairmaster and finished the workout with ab work.

Would you believe that last week, the scale told me that I GAINED 6 to 8 pounds? Yesterday, I was back down to 178.


Onward, HO!


  • Hey Latryce! Looks like your doing good! Even with the inconvenice of the "monthy visitor". Hang in there. She's there to keep us on our feet. (even if they are bloated. Ha)

    Yeah. the free lunch thing, sounds good when you first read into it. But, Im trying to get into a size 8 people! Our office gets rewarded with food. Blah! It has it pros and cons. D@MN IT! I love the cheese cake!

    By Blogger ksavage, at 12:15 PM  

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