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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Art of War

Though only vaguely familiar with Sun Tzu's Art of War, I like to compare war strategies with random stuff in life: hitting a discount sale, keeping male friends on their toes, eradicating kudzu in the backyard....LOSING WEIGHT!

This is how I see my workout/weightloss going: I’ll go hard with low weights, high reps/sets for shoulders, back and arms. High reps for abs. For cardio, I REALLY want to do more rope jumping, boxing, dancing and swimming as opposed to walking, jogging and step aerobics.

I’m willing to walk, jog, etc. but I want to do less of that and more of the others.

This is what I have done thus far to get back on track:

Dug out my fitness journal and start planning activities
Planned activities around the types of exercises I want to ramp up (see rope jumping, etc.)
Found a heart healthy cereal that I LOVE- Quaker Oat Squares, brown sugar and maple….yummy
Started window shopping for new workout clothes. I know, I know…but that helps validate the process.
I’m going to map out some home weight lifting routines (I can’t go to the gym just yet)
That said, I know that I don’t want to do any routine that involves me switching from lying on the floor to standing up and repeating that annoying stand/lay position. Why? Because it’s annoying!

In my previous entries, you’ll see that have a bad habit of giving in to cravings and emotional gorging. I still do. I’m working on it…trying to be more conscious about the ramifications of baking that batch of blondies just because I’m bored. But isn’t that the first step to planning war: recognizing/analyzing the enemy?


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