Dreams of Size 8 Jeans

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Day 75- *sigh*

Sometimes, I sit & wonder if I'll ever get the body I want. Pretty soon, it'll be a year since I started exercising and I really haven't lost any real weight. I've dropped quite a few inches, and lost 10 pounds, but you'd think I'd have done more.

Granted, I slacked off for the majority of the year (April through August, then most of October) and I have no one or nothing to blame other than me & my ways...I'm just venting a bit.

I'm really trying to get into this small portion eating. Yesterday went okay...I guess. I had a half a bagel & pear for breakfast. Snack was an orange. Lunch was a chicken club wrap. Dinner was a smoked sausage. I'll need to research some meals to help get me through this...I'm craving fried fish & shrimp as I type this.

I went to step last night with Fanecha & Tonya....that went well as usual. Last night was the first time I've worked out in almost a week.

Overall: I'm feeling a little iffy. I'm thinking it's my period since it started yesterday.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Day 71- Bring It On, Wrath of EVE!!!!!!

Everytime I'm supposed to get a visit from Aunt Flo, I start eating like a crazed person. Chips, chocolate- whatever. I can't ever stop eating...even with Jedi "mind over matter" tricks.
I wish this crappy visit will come & go.

Didn't go to the gym Monday, we had some bad weather a-brewin' so we decided to stay home. Tuesday, Fanecha & I did the Boot Camp- Tonya did aerobics. Boot camp wasn't as bad as it was last time, perhaps because we know what to expect now. Wednesday, I did a bit of housework (and I do mean a BIT).

Found out that my play sister Sable entered a body building competition in May '06. She has a little more than 4 months to drop about 30 pounds and 10-13% of her body fat. She's on a strict diet & exercise regimen.

I feel soooooooo sorry for her. LOL

Actually, I'm VERY VERY proud of her. But listening to her tell me what her schedule is going to be like from now until then....jeez! But she's gonna be one bad bitch when it's all over with! She's no stranger to the gym & healthy eating, so I told her about our group of motivators & she's down to be a part of it. I think she can help me get in gear for small portions. Friday night, I'm doing the laxative tea & salt bath (thanks Tonya!) to get the crap out of my system for next week's small portion eating.

Overall: I'm feeling bored with myself & frustrated with my inability to get organized & get things accomplished. I don't know what the problem is, but I hope I can get it together.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Day 70- Recouping From a Butt Kicking

Since that Boot Camp class kicked my ass last Tuesday, I have not worked out at home nor the gym until yesterday.

Wednesday morning I was too tired to squat or do ab work at home. I went out Wednesday night, and didn't get in until Thursday morning...still had to get up & go to work, and I was hurting. I was too tired to work out at home or the gym. Friday was the same thing...just worn out. I went out Friday night, got up early Saturday morning for some ALL DAY shopping, and was worn out again. Sunday, Cam, Fanecha, Tonya & I went to the gym....an ab class at that.

Let me tell you about the class: We did work on the stability ball, and I realized how physically un-stable I was by the middle of the class. Everyone maintained control of their ball but me. My ball rolled clean across the room at one point when it was SUPPOSED to be between my ankles. After the class, Fanecha pushed me to get on the Stairmaster for 20 minutes...as much as I whined and pouted, I did it, and I'm glad she pushed me. That's what this group is about- motivating and pushing each other.

If you've noticed, I rarely post my meals. That's because they are a joke!!! Saturday, I ate a sausage egg & cheese croissant, an egg nog frappuchino for snack & fried fish with potatoes & cornbread. Sunday morning, I fixed belgium waffles with maple syrup (that was SUPPOSED to be for the cleanse), bacon & scrambled eggs with cheese. For dinner, I had leftover fried fish.

I'm going to get control of this eating thing before we're done!